Assorted Foil

From a radius of more than 300km around our location in Bakum (Lower Saxony), we obtain foil waste in order to recycle it cleanly. The film waste is primarily waste, such as department store or commercial film, which can be assigned to the post consumer area.

We distinguish between different qualities, such as 80/20, 70/30 or 60/40, which are fed into our innovative sorting system. This results in sorted film bales, which we then make available to industry for the production of high-quality regranulates free of foreign substances.

Foil waste in Germany


Foil waste is produced in Germany in huge quantities every day. To a certain extent, this is already used for the production of new regranulates and follows the system of a closed material cycle.
On the other hand, however, a large proportion is only thermally recycled due to contamination or overlaying with foreign substances. As a result, the material leaves the system of a closed material cycle.
As a result, large quantities of fossil resources continue to be used and consumed for the production of virgin granules.

High-quality regranulate due to unmixed foil bales

With the aid of NIR sorting at our Bakum plant, the film waste can be precisely sorted and cleaned. As a result, a large proportion of the film waste that was previously only sent for thermal recycling due to contamination and foreign substances can be used for the production of new regranulates.

By using the most modern and efficient technology as well as purchasing regional plastic waste, a holistic recycling of plastic foil waste can be made possible at our site.