High quality PE regranulate


With high-quality PE regranulate, you can produce sustainably without compromising on your quality requirements. The regranulate is characterized in particular by high flexibility and durability.

By using PE regranulate, you produce your packaging, films and other products from 100% recycled polyethylene.

The problem with PE Regranulate


Even today, virgin material is used instead of regranulate for many applications. There are various reasons for this.

On the one hand, regranulate does not currently offer any great price advantage compared to virgin material. On the other hand, there is also the risk for processors that process or quality problems will occur.

These objections are justified, especially since PE regranulates on the market exhibit large quality differences and high proportions of foreign and impurity materials.

For this reason, PE regranulates have not been an alternative to virgin material for many plastics processors.

High quality PE regranulate, without quality differences.


With the regranulates of SL Recycling GmbH, plastics processors are provided with high-quality and economically interesting regranulates, where there is no need to decide between quality and environmental protection.

By using the most modern technology, comparatively low-quality plastic waste from the post-consumer sector, which is available in large quantities, can be reprocessed according to type in order to be able to use it for the production of high-quality regranulates that are free of foreign substances.

With the proximity to the numerous local plastics processors in the district of Vechta and the surrounding area, material cycles can be closed and plastic waste can be given a new life.

Our high-quality LPDE regranulates

LDPE- Regranulat Naturally cloudy

LDPE- Regranulat Grey

LDPE- reGranulat Multicolor

LDPE- reGranulat Black

LDPE- reGranulat Blue