Our mission: Accelerate the cycle.

It is now impossible to imagine our everyday lives without plastic. Whether driving a car, shopping in the supermarket or in our leisure time, we come into contact with plastic products everywhere. Plastics are characterized above all by the fact that they are very easy and versatile. At the same time, they are relatively easy and inexpensive to process. But why does plastic currently have such a bad reputation among the public?

The answer is quite simple: plastic products are often disposed of incorrectly after their use and are not recycled, so that they contribute significantly to the pollution and exploitation of the environment.

We would like to make our contribution to solving this problem by recycling plastic waste and giving it a new life. In this way, they no longer end up in the environment and fewer fossil resources are needed through the production of virgin granules.

At SL Recycling, we focus on post-consumer plastic waste, the plastic waste that is generated in our everyday lives. By recycling these plastics, we do our part to close material loops and live more sustainably.

The history of the foundation of SL Recycling GmbH

The idea to found SL Recycling GmbH was born by Dr. Stephan Siemer and Ludger Ostendorf in cooperation with Engelbert Schwenz in 2018. After the joint planning phase, the construction of the recycling plant in Bakum started in March 2020.

Germany and many EU countries continue to export large quantities of used plastics abroad and there mainly to Asia. With the establishment of SL Recycling GmbH, we want to recycle plastics here in Germany in an environmentally friendly, sustainable and high-quality manner. 

Production will start in January 2021. The facilities are among the most modern in the world, which means we are significantly advancing plastics recycling in Germany. Together with Wela-Plast GmbH in Goldenstedt, our sister company, we offer a comprehensive program for high-quality and sustainable plastics recycling.