Plastic recycling for industrial waste


Nowadays, there is a lot of public scolding about plastic. It is not necessarily the plastic itself that is bad, but the wasteful use of it. At present, many plastic products, such as food packaging, end up in the environment as a result of careless behavior on our part and have a negative impact on it.

But there is another way: if municipalities around the world were to fully collect plastic waste and then sort and process it through qualified plastics recycling companies, environmental pollution and the exploitation of fossil resources for the production of virgin granules would also be significantly reduced.

This is how the processing of industrial waste works


SL Recycling GmbH cooperates with many different waste disposal companies in the regional area, which provide the plastic waste necessary for production. The plastic waste is department store film and other commercial waste, which can be assigned to the post-consumer area.

After arrival and subsequent sorting, this plastic film waste, which has already passed through an entire life cycle, is sent for sorting and removed from foreign materials such as wood and metal. In the further course, the film waste is selected by means of NIR on the basis of the desired fractions and colors and in the further course either fed to granulation or pressed bales are produced from the fractions obtained.

Our goal: We want to increasingly close the material cycle.

We would like to make our contribution to solving this problem by recycling plastic waste from the post-consumer sector and giving it a new life without it entering the environment or further damaging fossil resources through the production of virgin granulates.