Protecting resources with PP regranulate

PP regranulate refers to granulate consisting of polypropylene (PP). Polypropylene is one of the most widely used plastics worldwide and is characterised in particular by a high degree of hardness, stability and heat resistance. This makes it ideal for the production of plant pots, pipes and other injection moulded products.

Make your production more sustainable with high-quality PP regranulate without sacrificing quality. By using PP regranulate, you produce 100% from recycled polypropylene.

Advantages of using PP regranulate

Unfortunately, even in this day and age, people often fall back on virgin material instead of environmentally friendly regranulate. There are several reasons for this:

On the one hand, PP regranulates offer only a small price advantage, on the other hand, many processors fear the danger of process and quality problems with PP recycling.

The use of this virgin material is enormously damaging to our ecosystem. It multiplies plastic consumption at a point that is not necessary. With a high-quality PP regranulate from SL RECYCLING, you can not only protect the environment and promote the circular economy, but also continue your production with the usual high quality.

By using our high-quality PP regranulates, you will not only benefit from the economic advantages, but also from a more sustainable production of your products. By using our PP regranulates, you can manufacture high-quality products as usual and produce with a clear conscience.

Because with us, you don’t have to choose between environmental protection and quality! Thanks to state-of-the-art technologies in PP recycling, high-quality PP regranulate free of foreign substances can be obtained even from comparatively low-grade plastic waste.

With the proximity to the numerous local plastics processors in the district of Vechta and the surrounding area, material cycles can be closed and plastic waste given a new lease of life.

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The production process of PP regranulate

PP recycling takes place in two steps:

First of all, the film waste is sorted. First, everything is ground into small pieces and roughly separated from foreign matter and dirt. Then the film waste is sorted using NIR technology. This is a process by SL Recycling GmbH in which a sensor detects the material and colour of the waste and separates it fully automatically using air.

In the second step of PP recycling, extrusion or re-granulation takes place. The material is first further shredded and then enters the so-called dry cleaning process. In this process, large amounts of dirt and dust are removed from the films and then enter a bunker where the material is pre-mixed in larger quantities. It is then conveyed to the extruder, where it is melted above temperature. It is then mixed with a screw.

From here it goes on to filtration, where the other dirt particles are filtered out of the material. Afterwards, a kind of strand is obtained from which granulate grains are formed via a hot cut and cooling in water.

In the further course, the material is homogenised in a mixing silo in order to guarantee constant characteristic values and a uniform colouring of the PP regranulate. Finally, the PP regranulate reaches a storage silo from which it can be bagged into specific packaging.

This is how PP recycling works with SL Recycling GmbH

Have we aroused your interest in a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to virgin plastic? Let us advise you comprehensively now!

As a professional and experienced PP recycling company, we will be happy to answer all your questions about PP regranulate. Whether in person on site, by video conference or classically by telephone – we will find a solution that suits you!

To ensure that we meet your requirements in the best possible way, we then compare your needs with our product range. This is followed by an exchange of data, in which we prepare a quotation for our PP regranulates and send you the corresponding data sheets.

In the next step, we send you a free sample of the PP regranulate so that you can convince yourself of the high quality of our PP recycling process.

You can decide for yourself which batch size, packaging and product labelling best suit your internal processes. Just as you are free to choose the quality documentation of your PP regranulate.

Send us your plastic waste in a relaxed manner and receive high-quality PP regranulate in return!

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